‘Rather be obvious than complicit’ (2020)
This work depicts several issues, two of which will be addressed here:  Firstly the idea of consciousness of an advanced artificial intelligence and secondly the limitations of the human race. It’s not just a dichotomy between a dystopian and an utopian version of the world in the relation to AI and the human race, but rather a dialectical transcendence, depending on power structures. In relation to this, it also addresses the absurdity of systemic white supremacy and how people of colour in art and tech are therefore ontologically radical as a result of imperialism and capitalism.

The Python code refers to how artificial intelligence can be programmed by simulating a simple neural network. The human brain consists of 100 billion neurons, which are connected by synapses. The process of ‘thinking’ occurs when sufficient synaptic inputs fire to a neuron and that neuron also fires as a result.  

oil and oil pencil on recycled wood

‘Calypso Chutney’ (2017)

oil on canvas

The baby is born (2020)

The participation in the collective poem of The Museum of Modern Art based on the 1981 project “Poema Colectivo Revolucion” by Mexican based artist collective : Colectivo 3. to the theme of revolution. This work is also featured in the online exhibition of the Museum of Mordern Art:


This work depicts Paramaribo, Suriname in a different era. 

oil on canvas


oil on canvas

‘Everyone eats or no one eats. Part 1’ (2020) 

I identify with the Marxist critique of society, vital for understanding this current moment in which we witness the dehumanization of oppressed groups. This work is therefore inherently anti-capitalist and signifies the first stage of revolution in which both imperialism and capitalism need to be dismantled.

oil on canvas

The Pandemic (2020)

This work depicts different aspects of the times we live in, one of which will be mentioned here:
It looks into the neoliberal plague and how social resistance arises despite of physical social distance. It highlights sovereignty of all the people and our innate equality that is not reflected by the dominant political system. The urgency of life cannot be sustained by a profit-based economy. It reassesses geopolitics, as the destructive role of imperial countries is showcased.

oil on canvas



This work addresses feminism for the 99%.

mixed media

‘Untitled’ (2018)

oil on canvas

‘Matter mimicking vacuum’(2013)
The artwork addresses existentialism since it depicts the energy of the vacuum in abstract potential visualized by mattter. Thus it intends to illustrate matter attempting to teach that which cannot be learned in holographic reality. Since reality as we perceive it, is the result of a frequency, the work shows the impact of radio frequency of the song 'War of Gods' (by Billy Paul) on coffee grains. 

video art: collaberation project between conceptual artists Das Harkhoe and Suzanne Harkhoe

‘The ways in which capitalism degrades us - Part 2’ (2019)

oil on cotton

‘Alles is een sociaal construct - mijn zus, de socioloog‘ (2019)

This work contains: system.out.println(”Not all sociologists are white”);

oil on carton

This work refers to the Surinamese-Indian women who traditionally wear white lace headscarfs, called ‘Orni’ in an Indian Surinam dialect.

mixed media: this work is a collaberation project with sociologist, author and conceptual artist Natascha Harkhoe 120x170

‘Money, money, money’(2019)

One of the concepts in the subject matter is the commodification of war.

print art
different sizes available 

‘Cognitive dissonance’(2017)

This work refers to the DNA of post modern societies in which mechanisms of systematic purification are used in both an ontological and material sense to ensure that meatproducts are only seen as commodities and as social products instead. The continuous work, in making the slaughtering and suffering of animals invisible, is an ontological condition for the reproduction of modern notions of what it means to be human in this era and in this part of the world. So it is about consent and coercion via indoctrination through repetition, creating moral apathy. It then also questions proclaimed superintelligence of the human race versus other animals. The work then hides various codes, illustrating how critical unawareness creates a culture of consent and how the evolution theory negates the mentioned notion. 

mixed media

‘Bread’ (2019)

One of the subjects in this work is the consequence of imperialism.

oil on canvas
‘Sphere’ (2019)

oil on canvas


‘No, part 2’ (2019)

oil and coffee on canvas


‘Apocrypha’ (2019)

This sculpture contains the coding:string bullshit = “the culture Industry”


‘Material intervention’ (2019)


‘Try-angle’ (2018)

This work refers to several issues, two of which being classism and wage slavery, and the inequality they perpetuate.

mixed media on pu

‘My momma does not have the privilege of claustrophobia’ (2020)

This work addresses various political issues such as hegemony and digital colonialism in the context of life.

oil on recycled wood

The apple says it hates instagram’(2020)

Multiple approaches can be applied to this apple.

One approach:

The apple says it is not interested in creating postmodern hyperrealities that keep people distracted, addicted and therefore compliant with mainstream ideological control.

installation art


‘Acquisition subversion’ (2019)

mixed media

‘You’ (2018)

oil on canvas

‘Hoog’ (2019)

mixed media on pu

‘Who rapes your mind’ (2019)